• Continuous roasting

    The equipment mainly includes: direct-fired automatic roaster, spiral reflow direct-fired automatic roaster, high-quality direct-fired automatic roast
  • Intermittent roastin

    The equipment mainly includes: peeling sunflower seeds production line, roasting melon seed production line, gas-type peeling roaster, heat-conducting
  • Belt dryer

    The equipment mainly includes hot air double circulating belt dryer, double side hot air circulation net belt dryer, single layer dryer, three layer d
  • Nut equipment

    Nut equipment: continuous nut belt dryer, intermittent nut dryer, original nut wok, roasting machine, nut smashing machine, blanching nut savouring ma
  • Intermittent dryer

    The equipment mainly includes: double-layer intermittent hot air circulation dryer, double-layer drying pool, single-layer intermittent hot air dryer,
  • Flavoring equipment

    The equipment mainly includes a liquid-type natural gas skillet, a heat-conducting oil skillet, and a vacuum heating cooker.
  • Feed equipment

    The equipment mainly includes: continuous frying equipment, original automatic wok, intermittent frying equipment, multi-function wok, belt dryer and
  • other

    Mainly include: heating equipment, natural gas direct-fired hot blast stove, cooling equipment, mesh belt cooler, cooling vibration tank, baking machi

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Proprietary intellectual property

We have been engaged in the development and manufacture of frying equipment and drying equipment for more than 20 years. Many scientific research projects have passed the national certification.

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Meet your production process requirements

Strong technical force and strong manufacturing capacity, meet your needs of production requirements, set up work style, strengthen the sense of service, to quality and quick service to win customer satisfaction.


Troubleshooting group training

The nuts drying equipment, the melon seed wok machinery group troubleshooting group actual operation training, the effec...[ MORE ]

Common problems


  • Casserole use case

    Casserole use case

  • Intermittent hot air circulation dryer

    Intermittent hot air circulation dryer

  • Five-layer webbed nut dryer

    Five-layer webbed nut dryer

  • Use case of dryer

    Use case of dryer

  • Fried melon seed production line

    Fried melon seed production line

  • Cooking pot use case

    Cooking pot use case

  • Practical case of hot air stove

    Practical case of hot air stove





Kaifeng Langrui(SRT)Machinery Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production of food drying equipment and nuts roasting machinery. a high-tech enterprise, SRT main products are original sunflower seeds, peanuts, peeling sunflower seeds, melon seeds and nuts of various production lines, and other food processing equipment. For more than 20 years we have been committed to the research and development of nut food equipment·····

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